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SEMrush New Features- Zapier Integrations SEMrush New Features- Zapier Integrations
Zapier is an automation tool that can connect 2000+ solutions. Site Audit is a solution that has been recently added to the list of... SEMrush New Features- Zapier Integrations

Zapier is an automation tool that can connect 2000+ solutions. Site Audit is a solution that has been recently added to the list of Zapier apps.

With Site Audit you can design a workflow for your business team incorporating the following actions and triggers:


  • Design a new work project and align your Site Audit solution
  • Re-crawl the business project
  • Get an in-depth report about your project


  • Your Site Audit project is completed
  • Its time for a new task in Site Audit

The Site Audit solution does not require a Semrush API, it is available for all subscriptions.

In this post, we will now have a look at some processes that you can automate using the Site Audit solution.

  1. Website Maintenance

Site Audit is an app that identifies problems that impact site rankings. Till now, users could only send warnings regarding errors to Trello by manually picking them from the issues report. Trello is an app that helps teams and businesses organize and prioritize projects with their automation tools.

With the new Send-to-Zapier option, this process becomes automated. You can select a task-management environment like Monday, Asana, or Jira and flag the concerned issue once. Zapier will send requests to Semrush every 5-15 minutes regarding any new issues in the Site Audit campaign.

Once you create a workflow, you can either arrange a recrawl, Slack or email notification when the task is completed, to ensure that the errors are rectified.

  1. Lead Management

Another task that the Site Audit can perform is analyze new leads. Example: for every new record created in the Salesforce, you can arrange a new Site Audit campaign/project. With this smooth syncing, your sales team does not require to refer to Semrush settings for little details.

  1. Reporting

Using the Site audit campaign, set the custom ‘recrawl’ option to every day of the month or every day of the week using the Schedule App By Zapier.  Schedule is a Zapier app which users can use for recurring tasks. You can schedule task or trigger an action hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

And the Reporting tasks do not end here. On completion of the Site Audit, you can set up a new set of freshly generated Site Audit reports when certain Google Calendar Events start or when an email request for the next set of tasks arrives.

  1. Speedy Site Audit Launch In your Browser

With the Zapier browser extension, you can add more speed and ease-of-use to your projects. The Zapier browzer extension creates a button in your browser. You just have to click on that button, and the system will auto-generate an audit of the current web domain. This facility does not require users to access the Semrush Interface.

An overview of Zapier

From Google Sheets, Slack, Shopify to many other popular apps, all of them are compatible with the automation app Zapier. Zapier creates an automated workflow(Zaps) to connect the apps that you use the most.

Some interesting things that you can execute using Zapier:

  • Share articles/content on your social media account pages
  • Add things-to-do in apps like Asana, Monday, Todoist, etc.
  • Send a webpage to team workers in Microsoft teams, Slack and more.
  • Find new ways to automate your most-used apps using the ‘suggestions’ tab
  • Report Bugs to your teammates in Jira or Trello

Final thoughts

For users who have subscribed to Zapier’s paid plans, there is a huge scope of automated workflow. Apps like Zapier can save on expensive ‘time’  of manpower by automating work. A very effective tool for conversion of leads, Zapiers enables marketers to send automated replies to new leads, thus responding to them when it matters the most.

You can connect your Zapier account with your Site Audit campaign to customize SEMrush features and avail maximum benefits of their features. This way, agencies and marketing specialists can audit a domain without having to access the Semrush app. You can generate and send regular Site Audit reports to your customers at specified times. Every time a potential client fills a questionnaire, create a new Site audit campaign.

Anuj Kumar Verma

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