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Powerful B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies to Win Customers Powerful B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies to Win Customers
Delivering qualified leads is the key to getting sales. According to a study by Hubspot, only 7% of marketers said that they get “quality... Powerful B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies to Win Customers

Delivering qualified leads is the key to getting sales. According to a study by Hubspot, only 7% of marketers said that they get “quality leads from marketing”. That is indeed a very low percentage of getting Marketing Qualified Leads(MQLs).

So what is the solution?

Improve your lead generation tactics! Instead of chasing numerous weak marketing links, select the top leads and nurture them into converting clients. It is more important to get quality leads than getting numerous leads that are ineffective.

Here are some powerful practices for effective B2B lead nurturing:

  1. Strong Followups

Companies spend billions to direct leads to their website. But what happens when they get there?

Here are some interesting statistics:

In 2013, in a study published in Harvard Business Review stated that if companies do not respond to leads in 5 minutes, they might risk losing them forever. This study was a result of an inference drawn after auditing the lead response times of over 2000 B2B companies.

And wait, here comes the most shocking part:  

The average response time for B2B companies that responded to potential clients was-42 hours, yes, that’s almost two days!

It’s time you use technology to nurture your leads, even though it implies responding to customers at 1’o’ clock in the night. As per the reports by Dr. James Oldroyd, the odds of lead conversion are 21X if you respond within 5 minutes after the lead is submitted.

  • Quick tip – Use tools like CRM, email marketing, and Live chatbots to follow-up with your target audience.
  1. Provide Knowledge-Enriching content

The pandemic has given us all an opportunity to learn new skills. We surf the net in search of some value-addition to our knowledge base. So isn’t this a great time to leverage the power of marketing content?

Post enriching content that readers enjoy and stay glued on to. Interact with them by answering their queries on blogposts and attending to their requests. Hold webinars and online courses on topics related to your business. Educate them about your niche and grab B2B leads in this process.

Quick tip – Create an online hub(a collection of website content on a single topic) with a substantial amount of internal links. The audience will browse all related content, leading to better engagement and lead generation.

  1. Use multiple channels for lead nurturing

E-mail marketing is an effective way of setting up a lead nurturing strategy. Till recently, it was the primary way that companies kept in touch with a prospective audience. Send generic emails to a list of people at regular intervals.

Now, marketers are taking more customer-focused measures to grab the attention of the target audience. Apart from email marketing, businesses can use a mix of social media, marketing automation, blog posts, direct sales outreach, and whitepapers to get in touch with customers.

Research suggests that every target audience receives a mix of ten marketing touches. This takes into account the time they come to know about your company to the moment of conversion.

  • Quick tip – While conducting your email marketing, ensure that you do not ‘spam’ the audience. Sending them too many Emails will compel audiences to unfollow or unsubscribe you.
  1. Retargeting

B2B companies use information from research insights and professional demographic data to target the right people. Retargeting involves sending ads to people who have previously shown interest in your website. They might have surfed your website, left a query or ‘wishlIsted’ a product. They know who you are. It’s time to reach out to them for with your conversion tactics.

You can use automated tools to ascertain the level of engagement of your leads. Filter out the target audience that is highly engaged, i.e. interactive on your websites or your social media posts. Get working on them. These are the leads that you want to spend your budget, time, and effort on, as they have the greatest prospect of conversions.

“About 65% of buyers rely more on recommendations of peers and review sites before making a purchase”-2018 B2B Buyers Survey report. Platforms like Linkedin promote companies using their sponsored content across their website. They employ automated tools to collect consumer data and use conversion tracking tools to monitor the conversion of your ads on their platform.

  • Quick tip – Social Media Platforms offer a multitude of Ad campaigns that B2B businesses can utilize to target leads. With people spending so much time on social media, now is the right time for companies to leverage the power of Facebook and Linkedin ad campaigns.
  1. Create a lead-generation focused website

Every B2B company should design their website keeping the target audience in mind. A clean and sleek interface makes the buyer journey more interesting. The website should incorporate some features that deliver conversions, such as:

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons- Use personalized CTA buttons that give the visitor a reason to click. ‘Grab your seat’, ‘download now’, ‘get started’ are a few examples. Surveys show that these personalized buttons get 202% more clicks than a standard CTA button.

Landing pages- Marketers can achieve their specific goals of selling products, getting signups, driving website traffic with landing pages. Conduct a Friction test to check the speed of Landing pages using effective tools like Google SpeedPage analytics.

Analytics- Set up a robust analytics plan to ensure that you can effectively track the audience movement on your website. Based on the analytics and research you can make subtle changes to your websites like CTA buttons or the speed of landing pages to get the most of your conversion strategy.

Testimonials- Do we not check customer review before making a buying decision? Almost always! Testimonials hold a lot of weightage in the decision making factor.

  • Quick tip – Make sure that your B2B website is a healthy mix of all the above lead-generation tactics.

Final Thoughts

It’s 2021, the top priority for B2B businesses this year is conducting effective lead nurturing strategies to win the trust of customers. And given the current economic climate, businesses cannot afford to waste valuable marketing budget nurturing leads that aren’t going to convert.

With diligent efforts and a systematic Lead Nurturing Strategy, you will slowly but definitely achieve your goals.

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