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Discover The Elements Of A Winning Landing Page Discover The Elements Of A Winning Landing Page
A digital marketer’s hands are always full- responding to followers on social media, making PowerPoint presentations, and creating the next marketing strategy! All elements... Discover The Elements Of A Winning Landing Page

A digital marketer’s hands are always full- responding to followers on social media, making PowerPoint presentations, and creating the next marketing strategy! All elements have to go hand-in-hand. Your strategies include generating leads, driving sales, and much more.

But a landing page has one single goal, to focus the audience’s attention on a single campaign and in turn, get conversions.

Here are the 5 basic elements of a high-converting landing page:

  1. Unique selling proposition (USP)
  2. A Prominent ‘Hero’ shot
  3. Attractive features and benefits 
  4. Reviews and social proof
  5. A clear call to action (CTA)

We will go through all the above points in detail. The image above shows a visual representation showing the anatomy of a landing page.

  1. Unique Selling Proposition(USP)

What makes your brand unique, such that the audience chooses you over your competitors?

Let’s consider the analogy of the Live TV show- The Bachelorette.

Prospective suitors are lined up to win the host. Someone says that have a stable job,  home, ready to settle down, and more. So who wins? The one who proves his mettle by keeping up his promises.

The same applies in the marketing world. Your USP must get noticed. You have to outline the benefits that you will offer the customers. The places where your USP should get noticed include:

  • The main headline
  • The supporting headline
  • The closing argument

“Go from Curious to Confident”-A clear outcome, in 5 simple steps the company explains the student’s journey with them.

In some cases, to assert your point, you can add a supporting headline. This supporting headline adds a persuasive layer to support the main heading. Also, your closing statement should convey the ultimate assuring statement!

  1. The prominent ’Hero’ shot

The hero shot is the visual representation of what you are offering your customers. Before you post an image, think back and analyze it.

Is the picture depicting your offer? The idea is to empathize with viewers as they put themselves in place of the ‘visual’ to judge the utility of the product.

  1. The features and benefits

You have designed the heading and placed your hero shot- so far so good.

Now, what about explaining your services in detail? For customer who is interested in your service, they will explore all facets before making a purchase.

Frame your feature in a way that directly speaks about its benefits. Your features describe your product/services and the benefits speak loads about the value that you are offering your customers. Instead of writing a long description, outline a summary that revolves around the value provided by the product.

The above image showcases how TouchBistro, a point of sale system for restaurants, will make the day-to-day running of your restaurant simpler and better.

  1. Reviews and Social Proof

Before making a purchase, we almost always scroll through reviews and customer feedback. The reviews have a huge impact on our purchase decision.

Social proof is a powerful tool of persuasion

Social proof indicates what other people have purchased, their likes and preferences, and what they are participating in. People are convinced if they see that someone before them has purchased(and liked) the service/product. The conversion is more likely to happen.

Studies suggest that the average consumer will take into account about 10 reviews before he trusts a business and spends approx 14 minutes in reading the reviews- BrightLocal research

Social proofs tactics include:

  • Trust seals to win customer trust
  • Customer reviews
  • Mentioning the number of customers you have
  • Awards from reputable organizations
  • Expert testimonials
  1. Call to Action (CTA)

Your call-to-action is the purpose of your landing page. The CTA button on your landing page can be the game-changer. Always think and analyze before adding the button and giving it a relevant name.

So you see, would anybody like to click on such a button. A CTA must be created in and the user’s journey. It reflects what the user will get on clicking the button and directly responds to your USP.

Final Thoughts

From heading to features and the hero shot, all elements should outline the motive behind the landing page. And CTA, they are the most important element of a landing page playing a pivotal role in conversion. A high converting landing page should have a healthy mix of all the above factors.

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