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4 Reasons to do Social Media Marketing
Nearly two-thirds of the world use the internet, with an average person spending 144 minutes each day on social media. That is how deeply the web has crept into our lives! With the world revolving around the internet, businesses need to gear their digital marketing strategy. Marketers can leverage... Read more
Google Is Phasing Out Modified Broad Match
The era of the Modified Broad Match is coming to an end. Google announced that it will soon phase out Broad Match Modified keywords and change the way Phrase Match functions. The change will roll out in two weeks. So what does the change mean for advertisers? What will... Read more
5 Effective Lead Conversion Tactics For Your Business
Some businesses wonder why they fail to convert despite being the best service providers in their niche. Even if they get leads, they fail to close them. This tactical guide by Ryan Shank gives a practical insight into lead generation and better conversions. Read on! Shank got his inspiration... Read more
Powerful B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies to Win Customers
Delivering qualified leads is the key to getting sales. According to a study by Hubspot, only 7% of marketers said that they get “quality leads from marketing”. That is indeed a very low percentage of getting Marketing Qualified Leads(MQLs). So what is the solution? Improve your lead generation tactics!... Read more