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PPC Hero Releases Their Top 50 Most Influential PPC Experts List
PPC Hero releases a list of the Top 25 most influential experts every year. While they wait for the Top 25 is truly painstaking, it’s only fair to go through the best fifty to realise the competition. The list for the top fifty has been generated from the industrial... Read more
Improve Your ROI with Google Ads Golden Ratio
Google’s little secret is out: Yes it’s the Golden ratio that businesses and marketers who are selling Google ads can implement and reap benefits. The ratio is simple. It entails an Average click cost/ Daily advertising budget. To understand its significance, let us first delve deeper into understanding the... Read more
Discover The Elements Of A Winning Landing Page
A digital marketer’s hands are always full- responding to followers on social media, making PowerPoint presentations, and creating the next marketing strategy! All elements have to go hand-in-hand. Your strategies include generating leads, driving sales, and much more. But a landing page has one single goal, to focus the... Read more