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5 Effective Lead Conversion Tactics For Your Business
Some businesses wonder why they fail to convert despite being the best service providers in their niche. Even if they get leads, they fail to close them. This tactical guide by Ryan Shank gives a practical insight into lead generation and better conversions. Read on! Shank got his inspiration... Read more
Powerful B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies to Win Customers
Delivering qualified leads is the key to getting sales. According to a study by Hubspot, only 7% of marketers said that they get “quality leads from marketing”. That is indeed a very low percentage of getting Marketing Qualified Leads(MQLs). So what is the solution? Improve your lead generation tactics!... Read more
Insurance iDudes Founders Receive the Coveted 2Comma Award
iDudes, LLC dba TeleDudes TeleFunnels, are the proud recipients of the 2 Comma Award. These insurance agents have reached the $1 million milestone in less than 8 months. The Comma award is given by Russel Brunsen, to entrepreneurs who have made over $1 million with his company ClickFunnels. Click... Read more
Alphabet Q4 Results Indicate a Digital Future
Alphabet, the parent company of Google announced record earnings of $56.9 billion in the Q4 2020. This time period includes October to December, including the holiday season. The shares of Alphabet soared to 8% in external trading after the company revealed this news. This record earning is 23% up... Read more
Discover Your Conversion Potential With The Benchmark Report
Was your last digital marketing campaign a hit or a failure? To date, there have not been any benchmarks to determine the success of landing pages. The Benchmark Report from Unbounce is derived from the performance of 16 major industries on 34 thousand landing pages. This extensive data can... Read more
How To Grow with White Label Services-duplicate-1
The concept of white label products and services has been around for a while. Everyone from grocery stores to marketing agencies take advantage of the white label concept. The concept is simple. A 3rd party (think of them as a sub-contractor) provides the product or service unbranded. You then... Read more
Discover The Elements Of A Winning Landing Page
A digital marketer’s hands are always full- responding to followers on social media, making PowerPoint presentations, and creating the next marketing strategy! All elements have to go hand-in-hand. Your strategies include generating leads, driving sales, and much more. But a landing page has one single goal, to focus the... Read more